Technology Mindfulness

The Beginning

Smartphone Compulsion Test ( Entry One )

You scored 12 points out of 15 points total.

Scoring: 8 or higher- If your score is over 8 you might consider seeing a psychologist, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist who specializes in behavioral addictions for a consultation.

I was very dissapointed in myself after taking the compulsion test because my score was very high. I am more attracted to my phone than i ever thought i was. I automatically knew i would receive a high score after answering yes to most of the questions. This test described my smartphone usage perfectly.

My Profile

Favorite Apps

Instagram can be entertaining if you are following content your interested in seeing. Instagram also has the story feature that can be closely compated to snapchat so it makes it a app to compete with!
Tik Tok gained fame during the pandemic which allowed people to have fun while at home and keep up with trending topics and dances. Most of my favorite celebs also have accounts on this app which makes it more fun to watch.
Snapchat is my favorite app and often my first go to! It allows me to gain information on people because this is one app people tend to expose their whole entire life story on. Snapchat is an invasion of privacy for most people that use it.

Time for Data Break !


The Experiment ( Tommy Hilfiger )

Trying Meditation

Data Analysis



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